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I believe that delicious meals should be seasonal, fresh and fast. Equipped with the right knowledge a home cook can open their pantry and fridge and create an awesome meal. All that’s needed is the knowledge and understanding of how to apply flavor components appropriately.

  • Choosing the best ingredients available!
  • Knowing when to apply the perfect variety and measure of salt.
  • What application of heat to use, to create mouth-watering meals, baked goods, and desserts.
  • Which fat imparts the perfect flavor.
  • And the best choice of acid to round out and bring balance to the dish.

Welcome to my kitchen, where creativity reigns supreme every day! I’m fueled by vibrant seasonal produce, succulent seafood, and top-quality meats, which serve as the foundation for our recipes, and stunning photography. Maintaining authenticity is key for me, and I’m committed to endorsing only those brands and products that align with my values and methods.

I’m eager to hear your partnership proposals to craft exceptional content for our readers and members. If you have an idea or ingredient you’re passionate about exploring, don’t hesitate to reach out! Let’s join forces and brainstorm fresh, innovative concepts to enhance every home cook’s culinary journey.

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On the lookout for an ambassador to embody your brand’s essence? We’re all ears for inventive strategies to boost brand visibility and connect with our audience. Forming enduring partnerships with brands that share our passion for food is what Mean Green Chef is all about!

Recipe Development

If your brand is seeking distinctive recipes for publication beyond Mean Green Chef—whether it’s for holiday editions or special occasions—allow us to create culinary delights tailored to your needs.

Food Photography

Are you interested in collaborating with me beyond my blog? I offer photography services tailored to showcase recipes for your website, publication, menu, packaging, or marketing materials. Let’s discuss how we can bring your vision to life!

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Please contact me for permission to use our recipes and images for publication on your site. I am happy to work with you but do require notice, thank you. 

Reach out to work with me anytime! You can get in touch at  angela @ or on my FaceBook Page. Thanks so much for taking the time to check out MGC, I look forward to talking!

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